• Canary Wharf

    London, 2012.

    Canary Wharf is one of the big business centres in London and is situated on what used to be docks of the London harbour. Today, the impressive silhouettes of banks and office towers with their shiny facades on which the newest stock exchange quotations are being displayed demonstrate the power of finances. They suggest a world, detached from the individual and reigned by cash flow.

    Most people one encounters in Canary Wharf are on the streets only three times a day: in the morning, on their way to the office; at noon time, during their short lunch break; and in the evening, when they stream back to the Underground station out of which they came in the morning.

    For this series I came to Canary Wharf for several days during lunchtime, put the camera on a tripod in front of a neutral fassade of an office building and asked passers-by for their portrait. The aim was to make the office clerk, workers and visitors pause for a short moment and to capture this moment in one image. The people reacted to the camera and their surroundings in very particular and individual ways, which makes this series also a study of poses and gazes.